What kinds of placements are available through PiLA? Do I get to choose my organization?

You can see a list of potential partner placements here. The array of opportunities is continually evolving in such fields as arts and culture, community development, conservation, education, entrepreneurship, girls’ and women’s empowerment, microfinance, and public health. Finalists will be asked to identify up to three partner organizations with whom they’d most like to work, and will be selected based on the fitness and flexibility of their profile – in other words, their ability to serve with more than one partner. Their materials will be provided to multiple partners, who in turn will conduct their own selection processes. Partner organizations make the final decision as to whether to interview or offer a placement to a finalist. Thus, when you apply to PiLA, you apply to be part of a program, cohort, and network, not necessarily to work with a specific partner organization. The final placement process any given year depends upon the current needs of our partners.