If accepted as a PiLA fellow, I might not be able to serve for a full year. Is that OK?

No. PiLA placements anticipate a full year commitment, although precise start and end dates are negotiated on an individual basis between fellow and partner. The fellowship is comparable to a fulltime job to which you commit for the full contracted period, and this commitment is made verbally and in writing with PiLA and the partner organization. Holiday, vacation, and sick day policies for fellows are generally identical to those for full-time staff at our partner organizations.

In order to provide meaningful service to our partners and a serious professional development experience to our fellows, and to maintain and strengthen our relationships, we expect fellows to fulfill their full year commitments. Except in emergency circumstances (e.g., evacuation due to serious illness or injury, major natural disaster, or massive political upheaval), it is unacceptable for a fellow to leave a placement early, and loss of fellowship status would result.