Become a PiLA Partner

PiLA seeks to leverage the work of partner organizations dedicated to community development, while providing service opportunities for its fellows in Latin America and the Caribbean. Fellowships are typically for 10–12 months and usually begin between June and September.

A relationship with PiLA benefits partners, their clientele, and fellows by providing effective, low-cost expertise and creating opportunities for highly motivated, talented young people to make public service contributions around the region.

PiLA’s partners are principally non-governmental organizations and multilateral institutions focused on Latin American and Caribbean socioeconomic development and pursuing socially responsible objectives. All new partners must be able to fully cover the subsistence costs of a fellow (food, housing, utilities, work-related transportation, and personal incidental expenses).

PiLA works with partners to provide a robust roster of candidates. Applicants undergo a rigorous selection process to identify qualified individuals with the greatest chance of success. PiLA matches candidates with partner organizations based on their capabilities, commitment, foreign language skills, and professional recommendations.

PiLA’s partners make final decisions about whether to extend an offer, but they are not obliged to make an offer if candidates do not meet the organization’s requirements and standards.

Organizations working in the region that would like to consider a partnership should contact PiLA directly via email.