Are there reduced fees for applicants on financial aid? Is there any additional support for fellows with exceptional financial need?

Applicants who are students receiving financial aid may submit a copy of their current award letter via email to PiLA to be evaluated for a possible reduction in all applicable fees. Applicants who are currently volunteers earning subsistence stipends with organizations such as Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, etc, may similarly submit a letter from their supervisor detailing their current position and stipend for consideration. Note that other costs associated with the fellowship cannot be discounted.

PiLA is not currently able to provide further financial support to fellows with exceptional need. However, we encourage such fellows to set up crowdfunding pages, which they can distribute to their networks, and can referring such fellows to some foundations that can offer further limited support.

We encourage applicants to plan early for the expenses associated with a PiLA fellowship, reaching out to their own universities and communities to learn about funding opportunities should they be placed with a PiLA partner.