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Project Manager/Business Analyst-- Partners in Health (Boston, MA)
Partners In Health (PIH) has been an innovator in the development and implementation of health information systems (HIS) in support of improved care delivery and clinical operations in global health for over 15 years. The Project Manager / Business Analyst plays a key role on this team, working closely with senior leadership to track and communicate the status of all current projects, to plan and prioritize future work, to analyze and document project requirements, and to be a vocal and visible representative throughout the organization.

Director of Development-- Last Mile Health (Boston, MA)
At Last Mile Health, we make bold commitments that inspire innovation. Do you have a record of recruiting and mobilizing partners to boldly invest in social change? As the Director of Development reporting to the Chief Development Officer, you will communicate LMH's value proposition and cultivate a values-aligned donor community that leads to transformational collaboration and funds an operating budget upwards of $15 million annually.

Policy Communications Advisor-- NYC Office of the Mayor (New York, NY)
The Mayor’s Office for International Affairs serves as the liaison between the City and New York City’s international community, which includes 193 Permanent Missions, 115 Consulates and more than 70 trade commissions, and the headquarters of the United Nations. The Office functions as a global platform from which the City promotes its goals for a more just and equitable society showcases the diversity of New Yorkers and shares best practices with the world. 




PiLA Day is Coming! November 13, 2018

The Fellows Advisory Council (FAC) would like to use social media as a means to raise funds for PiLA. We plan to engage PiLA alumni and encourage them to share how PiLA personally impacted them on a coordinated “PiLA Day” on November 13 with a call to action of making a donation. Click here for details on how it'll work!

If you're interested in spreading the love and fundraising for the next generation of PiLA fellows, email Abigail at abigail.koffler@gmail.com.





Just finished your PILA fellowship, and not sure what to do next? Working at a job that isn’t fulfilling? Interested in figuring out how to keep Latin America a constant theme in your professional life? Considering going back to school?

These are all great questions - and we want to help you answer them! This November, former fellows will host a panel to talk about their career paths after completing their fellowships. Join us to learn how to leverage your PILA experience into a career in finance, business strategy/development, international development, and more.

There will be limited seats for this event. To reserve your spot, click here. Additional information (including list of panelists) will be sent to attendees via email.




Nicaragua Crisis: New Paths Forward? | October 17 at the Inter-American Dialogue (Washington, D.C and online.)
Nicaragua’s political crisis, which began six months ago, continues. It does so marked by repression, serious human rights abuses, and a paralyzed economy. The opposition and the international community continue to push for a national dialogue with the government. Protests persist despite censorship, as well as the detentions of activists and people migrating into exile. International actors, including the Organization of American States, the European Union, and the United Nations have called for urgent action to work towards peace.




The U.S.-Colombian Bilateral Relationship: Challenges and Opportunities for the Duque Administration | October 18 at the Woodrow Wilson Center (Washington, D.C.)
While the recent surge in coca production in Colombia has attracted headlines, what other priorities does the Duque government hope to advance?  How can the United States and Colombia continue to cooperate to advance security, economic, and development interests, including in rural areas? What are the next steps in implementing the peace agreement?  

Join for a discussion with Colombian Ambassador Francisco Santos, who presented his credentials to the White House in September 2018.






Upcoming Events


NYC Book Club: Friday, November 9th @ 7 pm

Isa’s apartment: 697 Bergen Street, Brooklyn NY 11238

Calling all New York PiLAs for PiLA’s inaugural book club! Except it’s a 26-minute podcast so you have no excuses. Listen to this episode of Radio Ambulante about race, citizenship, and identity politics in the Dominican Republic (you can also read the transcript here). Here’s a good resource if you’d like more background on the topic. Come on November 9th at 7 pm ready to discuss and speak Spanish. Please bring something to drink or snack on (wine and cheese, por supuesto). RSVP to abigail.koffler@gmail.com. ¡Nos vemos pronto!  

Past Events 


PiLA NYC Happy Hour

PiLA alums and friends got together in NYC on Friday, October 12th for another great reunion. We welcomed alums newer to the city and were thrilled that alums from outside NY (like CT and CA!) were able to join as well. We all caught up over drinks and then Chinese Food. #PiLAmor

Interested in organizing an event for alums in your area? Email Isa Garcia (isabel.garcia127@gmail.com), Abigail Koffler (abigail.koffler@gmail.com) or Kim Gordon (kimgordon09@gmail.com) to get the convo started!







Melissa Tran (2011-2012)

Placement Organization and Country: Endeavor Colombia
Current Occupation:  VP of Operations at GuavaPass
Current City: Singapore
Hobbies: Half marathons, scuba diving, attempting to learn French, and volunteering with Aidha (a local NGO providing financial education to foreign domestic workers)

What impact did PiLA have on you/your life?

My year with Endeavor Colombia kicked off my (still continuing) adventure across the world, and I haven’t been back home to the States since! That year solidified my love for adventure and travel and my desire to immerse myself into different cultures by living and working abroad. My experience at Endeavor and the connections that I made while in Bogota helped me on way to my Bangkok next, then Dubai, and now to Singapore where I am currently living.

What do you miss most about your PiLA year?

I enjoyed meeting the inspiring entrepreneurs in the Endeavor network and working closely with my colleagues to identify the best ways to support them. As part of the Search & Selection team, I had the chance to not only interview and meet early stage Colombian entrepreneurs, but also to help plan an International Selection Panel towards the end of my fellowship, where dozen of entrepreneurs from around the world congregated for a week.

I also miss practicing my Spanish and seeing improvements everyday. It was gratifying to start off my fellowship having difficulty following along during a business meeting, and then a year later feeling that I could hold my own in the workplace or in social settings.

Finally, I miss exploring Colombia and experiencing the diversity of country - I had a chance to travel to Medellin and Cartagena for work and to the Coffee Country, Santa Marta, and the Guajira Peninsula on long weekends and holidays.

What do you miss most about Bogotá?
So many things! I miss the perfect year round “sweater weather,” la rumba y el reggaeton, ajiaco on a rainy day, tropical fruits from the market, cycling classes with Jose at the Spinning Club, walks through the Rosales neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon, catching a buseta down La Septima  - and of course, working with really passionate and talented colleagues and meeting lots of awesome people including Colombians, travellers, and expats.

Restaurant recommendation in your current city:

The best food in Singapore is street food! One of my favorite hawker centers - local canteens with numerous stalls selling local dishes - is Lau Pa Sat in the central business district. On any evening after sundown, you can find delicious satay (barbecued meat and seafood on skewers) at stall #7. And you can’t missing trying dishes like carrot cake (no real carrots are used!), chicken rice, and laksa noodle soup.


Question for the next spotlight:  What was one unexpected thing that you learned about yourself during your PiLA fellowship?























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