What do trees eat?


Every Wednesday, I go to preschool. Well, and sometimes preschool comes to me.

The Nuevo Despertar (New Awakening) Preschool of Barrio Nuevo is located just a block away from the Comunidad Connect office. Since August I have been participating with this preschool nearly every Wednesday morning. At first, I would load my backpack with library books and motorcycle to the school for a morning of reading, pointing at the illustrations and shouting what colors appear, and of course, arguing over who gets to read about tractors first.

Let’s Talk about Sex: Health Education in the Rural Dominican Republic

Liceo CientíficoIn learning the Spanish language, I have always turned to music to gain new vocabulary and practice my pronunciation. How perfect, then, that I find myself in the Dominican Republic as a PiLA fellow. The DR, after all, is the birthplace of so much popular Latin music.