My Experience with Aprender con Interés

Casey Ward
April 14, 2016

     My experience with Aprender con Interés this year has been more than what I could have possibly imagined only a year ago when I received the news that I had been granted a fellowship position.  In addition to the immense personal growth I have experienced, I truly believe in the mission of my organization’s vision.  I believe that as an organization we are making a real difference to empower young students in Mexico.  Our work challenges traditional ideas of education and encourages students to push the boundaries of what they believe to be possible through the pedagogical model of tutoría.

     The organization focuses on improving public education in rural, marginalized and indigenous communities by operating under the mantra of,  “Anyone can learn, and anyone can teach.”  The central premise of this is that anyone is capable of learning even the most challenging material if they are inspired to pursue true learning that is guided by their own interests.


     My personal contribution to this organization has been at the structural level as opposed to engaging in classrooms.  I have provided structural support by creating the first databases and beginning the first quantitative impact data analysis for our organization.  This is to say that my work is more long-term goal oriented with the intentions of helping to substantiate our organization’s methodology and pedagogical model for the learning process through numerical means.

     Thus far, my preliminary data analysis has helped our organization strengthen its relationship with the Mexican Secretary of Education and in part gain the support of a major donor to help fund a more in depth investigation of the impact of tutoría.  The goal of this work is to assess the state of tutoría in the state of Guanajuato in order to be able to take the next step in conducting an academic caliber research project.  Such a project, upon completion, will help reinforce the potency of our organization’s work.  Ultimately, it is our hope that this work, among other things, will help take tutoría to the next level and act as a lightning rod for garnering further support.